Saturday, July 7, 2012

Managing Your Online Footprint

On June 16th, I participated in an online conference called PD in your PJs hosted by The State of Tech Podcast. The conference consisted on video streams that were captured live using Google Hangouts recently unveiled On-Air feature. The conference proved to be a great use for Google Hangouts and it also gave me the opportunity to talk with some really cool educators about a subject I feel is generally ignored in today's classrooms.

Despite spending up to 11 hours online each day, students still do not understand that what they do now will affect them forever. The Internet - Google especially - never forgets. It also fails to understand how elapsed time affects search results. This means the kid who adds pictures to his Flickr account showing off his beer pong prowess at his 18th birthday party is the same person 10 years later who has graduated from law school and passed the bar exam with flying colors. The beer pong picture and the picture of the grad standing with a proud mom and dad will appear on the same page of an image search. That's some scary stuff.

Everyone does stupid things as a kid. That's part of growing up. The danger now is that those stupid moments are saved eternally.

Below is the finished State of Tech podcast featuring our presentation on the topic of online identity and managing your online footprint. Enjoy!

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