Thursday, January 29, 2009

Save Money And Be Green With Ecofont

The downward spiral our economy is experiencing is an impartial force. No individual or institution is exempt from feeling the crunch of the tough times. Unfortunately, this includes school districts, who must find even more fat to trim from their already starving budgets. This is why music and art programs are slowly disappearing, and some schools are still using textbooks that have no mention of the Vietnam War.

Schools now have the option to be a bit more fiscally sound without harming their students – and they can be a little more eco-friendly in the process. offers a free font that looks similar to conventional sans fonts such as Arial or DejaVu, but uses 20% less ink. This is because each letter contains a row of almost undetectable “holes.” They become noticeable (and admittedly, quite distracting) when the font size exceeds 12, but for day-to-day memos and handouts, ecofont is a great resource in the classroom.

Ecofont is available for download here. And if you think it's fantastic and you want share some of the money you saved on printing costs, you can donate to ecofont here.
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