Friday, October 23, 2009

Introduction to Podcasting for Teachers

A colleague and friend of mine pulls double duty as both a literacy specialist in my building and a professor for Niagara University, which is located a few miles down the road. Every semester she convinces me to come in to give a guest presentation on something related to technology integration.

I've flirted with the idea of teaching at the college level, so I take it as good practice. It's a good opportunity for me to pass on some of my own experiences to folks that can hopefully benefit from my trials and tribulations. What can I say? I also love being the center of attention.

I'm planning on presenting early next month on Web 2.0 tools that promote literacy across all content areas (if you have some good ideas, please leave them in the comments!), but while hunting through my old presentation files, I stumbled upon this one. Several years ago I presented on how to use podcasts in the classroom. Before getting into the why, I wanted to make sure everyone understood the what and the how. I made this handout as a resource for teachers looking to explore the possibilities of podcasts.

Hopefully it's valuable to you.

Introduction to Podcasting for Teachers
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