Monday, December 14, 2009

Live Like You're on Camera (Part II)

The other day while flipping channels, I turned to CNN and caught a breaking news story. It wasn’t about the war overseas, or the numerous financial problems plaguing the U.S. – it was about TLC’s celeb-reality stars Jon and Kate Gosslin’s court appearance.

This was the event that demanded live coverage?

Over the course of the five seasons of  Jon and Kate plus 8, viewers have taken sides between the irritable Kate and the seemingly irresponsible Jon, but they’re all wrong. It’s both of their faults that their marriage (and the lives of their 8 children) have gone down the gutter. They didn’t live like their life was on camera.

This is ironic, because they literally spent every waking moment with a camera crew recording their every movement and ever spat. The reason their relationship fell a part was because they forgot about the cameras.

Let their public debacle be a lesson learned for all of us. As teachers, we are not plagued by television cameras in our classes. Instead, we have something far worse - dozens of pairs of eyes always curious to see what their teacher is going to do or say. Never get too comfortable.

Live - and teach - like you're on camera.
(Like this post? This was part II in my series of "live like you're on camera" posts. Read my other one, here.)
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