Monday, December 20, 2010

Watch Security Cameras using Google

Google is so good that all it usually takes to find what we're looking for is the most basic of searches. Few realize all the added commands and query strings that Google can also use to find something. When these are used, Google opens up to a whole new world of results.

Like unsecured, password-free security cameras, for example.

Many network security cameras do not come with a default password. If this is unchanged by the user, then the feed is available on the Internet. Google makes it simple to find these. By using a few simple Google search specifications, live security cameras from around the world are at your disposal. Many of them can even be controlled. I bet you never realized Google would give you the power to maneuver a video camera through a mall in Germany.

Most of the cameras you'll find offer little clue as to the location you're viewing, but it's still interesting nonetheless. If you'd like to find some cameras of your own, there is a great list of searches here that will yield some cool cameras. Here are my favorites. Click on the image to view the live surveillance stream.

Web cam: Mall/Pet Store
Location: Somewhere in Germany

This camera is always busy with shoppers checking out the hamsters, birds, and other critters for sale. Swivel the camera around and you also get a nice view of the main drag of the mall as well as people moving up and down the escalators. I figure the cam is in Germany because there’s a sign above the rabbits that has the word “die” in it, which is German for “the.” Either that, or the store sells some seriously badass bunnies.

Web cam: Office
Location: USA? Maybe around Florida or surrounding states?

This camera is not as exciting as the others, but it was the first one I found so I figured it was worth adding to the list. The site actually shows four cameras located throughout what appears to be some kind of small business (possibly named ENCO based on the floor mat in the lobby?). I’m assuming it’s someplace warm, because it’s December and the only employee to work yesterday was wearing shorts. Incidentally, that employee must have off on Fridays because the building has been empty all day today.

Web cam: Zoo/Giraffes
Location: Asia

This camera is trained on a large cage containing two adult giraffes and a baby. I’m assuming it is a zoo, but the strange thing is that the giraffes never seem to leave the room. Regardless, it’s kind of cool to get a glimpse at these animals from such a close distance.

Web cam: Print/Photo Developing Store
Location: ?

There is nothing real interesting or amazing about this camera, but that’s the reason why I’m intrigued by it. The camera is positioned in the corner of a bustling print shop and allows a close-up view of customers and store clerks.

Web cam: St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital
Location: Memphis, Tennessee

I included this camera on the list because it’s the only one that I was able to confirm a location for. For me, it proved that all of these places do actually exist somewhere!

Web cam: Pizza Joint
Location: Someplace Spanish speaking

This camera offers a near 360 degree view of a small pizza place. There are usually stacks of pizza boxes sitting around, and although I can’t make out the name, it looks like there are accent marks above letters. I’m assuming it’s Spanish.

Web cam: Copy shop
Location: Asia

It’s difficult to tell what kind of store this is, but I’m guessing some kind of print shop. Because of all the signs scattered about the store that are in a language so different from English, watching this camera is very “other-worldly.”

Web cam: Dog Boardinghouse
Location: ?

When I first came across this camera, I was a little creeped out. It is a view of a small room – no larger than a walk-in closet – containing nothing but a small area rug and a children’s bed. I did some snooping and found several other similar cameras in the facility, and eventually figured out it must be some kind of kennel for over-privileged pooches.

Web cam: Horse Carving
Location: ?

Throughout the day, you will find people hand-crafting a wooden horse. I'm not sure if this is an art workshop or some kind of business. Antique carousel, maybe?

Web cam: Cows
Location: Finland

Google Translate tells me the camera locations are written in Finnish, so I’m assuming this stream is showing foreign cows. This camera also has a setting to adjust audio, however I haven’t had luck getting it to play over my speakers. Unfortunately, this leaves an important question unanswered – Do Finnish cows sound like American cows when they moo?
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