Thursday, April 7, 2011

Police Pepper Spray 8-Year-Old Boy

ABC News reported yesterday an incident involving 8-year-old Aidan Elliot, a second grader who was shot with pepper spray by police after teachers were unable to de-escalate his explosive behavior. Immediately following, angry mom, Mandy Elliot, took to media outlets across the country to defend her son's behavior and condemn the actions of the police. Despite repeated previous altercations at school where police had to be called, and young Aidan admitting to fashioning a makeshift shank from a piece of wooden molding, Ms. Elliot found the pepper spray to be excessive. She added that she also wanted police to get special training in dealing with children. Hmm... Or maybe, I don't know, she could work on improving discipline at home. Aidan (admittedly) has behavior and aggression issues, but that's no excuse to allow these kinds of events to happen. If anything, children with these problems benefit from more structure, not less. Take a look at the video below. Watch it closely, and then scroll down to see if you noticed what I did... (Direct link here if embedded video doesn't load.)

Her son - the boy who had to be physically removed from school for threatening to kill students and teachers - is sitting in his room playing video games. I'll ignore the obvious irony of the game being a violent first person shooter to focus on the fact that there was clearly no consequence at home for his actions. I just don't get it.

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