Friday, August 19, 2011

57 Must Follow Educators on Twitter (Part I)

Twitter is possibly the source for meaningful and continuous professional development for teachers, but have you ever tried explaining that to an educator who is not familiar with the microblogging platform? Maybe you convince him/her to create an account, but then what? I've run in to this problem a few times, so I decided to spend the evening looking through the folks who I follow so I could create a list of essential members of my PLN. Feel free to share this list with fledgling Twitter users! (It felt like an act of narcissism adding myself to the list, but feel free to follow me too! @johnmikulski)

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1 Responses:

Nikki Aharonian said...

Thanks so much for setting up this list. I am just getting started on Twitter and I think your post pushed me a few kilometers in the right direction.