Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Student Examples - (Part II)

Yesterday I posted the first round of finished student stories using, and I figure it's only fair to give all the projects equal exposure. Here are the rest of them.

Students were more than thrilled to see comments on their work. If you find yourself looking to kill some time while waiting for that Thanksgiving turkey to thaw, perhaps you could leave some feedback for my kiddos. It would be greatly appreciated, and a chance for students to see what publishing for a real world audience is all about!

Was It Better Not To Know ? on Storybird

Monster In The Closet on Storybird

The Life of Destinino on Storybird

Charlie On The Moon on Storybird

The Mighty Jungle on Storybird

The Lonely Girl on Storybird

The Yeti on Storybird

Bad Luck on Storybird

The First Rabbit on the Moon on Storybird

The Orange Chair on Storybird

Who Stole My Cheese? on Storybird

Imagination Gone Wild!!! on Storybird

I Wish I was a Bunny on Storybird

There Is No Such Thing As Monsters! on Storybird

Where's Santa? on Storybird

Birthday Truth on Storybird
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3 Responses:

Eva Büyüksimkeşyan said...

Hi John,
I loved the stories your sts created. Great work and very inspiring. Thanks for sharing with us.

Anonymous said...

Well looking at these from Australia.....your ilustrations are amazing. Well done kids.Poppy Masselos

Custom Research Paper said...

I love this idea!!!! What fun this would be in creating my children... I would love to use some activities from this & this blog is wonderfully inspirational!!
Love it dude...