Friday, July 29, 2011

How to Quickly Create and Share Videos

Next year, my students will walk through my classroom doors holding brand new netbooks as part of my school's 1:1 computing initiative. I am well aware that this is going to be a paradigm shift, so I am already trying to prepare myself for when this happens. As a result, I am quietly collecting resources that I will be able to use when the netbooks enter our building.

Every machine comes equipped with a webcam, and I have been brainstorming how to best use this in the classroom. Tools like Skype are certainly valuable, but a bit difficult to manage with a group of 100+ students. I want something simple that can create and share videos without struggling to upload to 3rd party sites like Youtube, or worrying that large files will cause my inbox to explode. seems to be the solution to these problems. Mailvu creates videos that can be shared via a link either copy and pasted from the site, or sent to an email recipient. There is also a free app for iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch that brings this video production to mobile devices.

Below is a student tutorial I made. Feel free to use with your own students!

How to Create and Send Video Messages
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2 Responses:

Julián VM said...

It seems to be a nice programme to be used at the classroom. In my blog I have talked about the importance of using videos at the classroom.

A couple of weeks ago, the students came to my classroom, and I could count like 7 laptops, which is so much in my school, and of course it means we have to start thinking in technologies and programmes to use with them.
Thanks for the tip.

Sheila said...

you might want to look into using Voicethread also.