Saturday, July 30, 2011

Public Relations Idea

Almost every weekend, my wife and I pack up the kids and head to Buffalo's Elmwood-Bidwell Farmer's Market. We enjoy the fresh produce and it gives us an excuse to roam the city afterward in search of a local spot to grab lunch.

Today, I was intrigued by a new stand with a sign promoting the Wisteria Charter School initiative. Based on the conversations I heard while loitering nearby the stand and the flyer they handed me, the initiative is comprised of a group of teachers looking to establish a new Waldorf-inspired charter school in the city. Regardless of your opinion of charter schools, you have to admit that setting up a stand in a public and highly trafficked place in order to raise awareness is a pretty good idea.

It made me think. What if public schools did this too? What if they set up stands at local supermarkets, libraries, or malls as a means to connect with the community and share exciting things that are happening in the district? The social perception of education is quite negative lately, so I'm sure teachers would be willing to donate a few hours to staff the booth and help improve the district's public image. What an excellent opportunity to share upcoming events, highlight student work, and reinforce the district's commitment to the community.

Just a thought.
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