Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Holocaust Survivor Lesson Plan and Resources

I don't know why I didn't do this sooner.

Back in 2006, I worked with the Holocaust Resource Center of Buffalo to bring Holocaust survivor Mr. Joe Diamond in to speak with 8th grade students at my school. I had the foresight to recognize that stories like Mr. Diamond's deserved to be documented, so I set up a few cameras and a small audio recording rig. I'm grateful that I did this, because I have been able to share his story with every student to pass through my door in the past six years. Other teachers have also asked for copies so they could use it with their classes too.

For some reason, I never thought to upload the video. Duh.

It's a bit delayed, but below is the complete presentation by Mr. Joe Diamond from February 23rd, 2006. Hearing firsthand accounts of discrimination, hardships, and murder coming directly from his mouth is far more impacting than from any textbook.

If you'd like to use my pre-viewing assignment, it is available here.

If you'd like to use my post-viewing assignment, it is available here. 

 "The only way I can get even is to educate and speak to students like yourself. Because you’re the future, and we want to make sure that these things don’t reoccur."  
                    - Joe Diamond

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