Thursday, March 12, 2009

My First Typecast

Typecast - The act of using a typewriter to compose blog posts. Once completed, the piece is scanned and then uploaded.

Here's my first typecast. I wanted to embed it, but I forgot to narrow the margins to fit on the page. To read, kindly click on the thumbnail below. Comments definitely welcome!

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2 Responses:

glorv1 said...

Hi John, thx for stopping by my blog. I have the typewriter in my studio in a space closet. I haven't typed on it for a long time. I read your post and how interesting that the kids would react as if they had never seen or used one before. I can understand though. I come from that era where we used typewriters, in fact I still have an IBM as well. It's really interesting the feedback you received. I also have my Commodore 64. I enjoyed reading your post and again thx for stopping by and have a great weekend. You sound like a great teacher.

Monda said...

I also teach with a manual typewriter handy. Students can't keep their hands off the old machines.

Love the typecast!